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Photo Gallery

Class Activity _21-05-2022
Pledge _21-05-2022
Teacher Empowerment _Pedagogy in Mathemetics_23-05-2022
Teacher Empowerment _Stress Management Program _ 24-05-2022
Teacher Empowerment _Smart Board Training Program _ 25-05-2022
Business Blaster Program _24-05-2022
Summer Camp _Home Science_17 to 30-05-2022
Teacher Empowerment _Evs Pedagogy _21-05-2022
Summer Camp _Dance _17 to 30-05-2022
World No Tobacco Day _Poster Making Competiton _21-05-2022
International Day of Yoga Celebration _Nukkad Natak _20-05-2022
Teacher Empowerment_Digital Essential for Teachers_21-05-2022
Teacher Empowerment _Be Internet Awesome _19-05-2022
Summer Camp_ Sandwich Activity _21-05-2022
World No Tobacco Day Rally _31-05-2022
Summer Camp_Sports Activity _17 to 30-05-2022
Summer Camp Jaljeera and Mojito Making_17-05-2022
Summer Camp - Arts _17 to 30-05-2022
Summer Camp - Music _17 to 30-05-2022
International Day of Yoga Celebration - Surya Namaskar Activity _17-05-2022
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