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Tree Plantation Drive(Nursery Wing)- 5.8.2019
English - French Fest (5.8.2019-7.8.2019)
Tree Plantation Drive- 3.8.2019
Friendship Day Celebration - 2.8.2019
Tree Plantation Drive-1.8.2019
Teej Celebration-1.8.2019
Pre- school Activity(31.7.2019) : Circle Time
Tree Plantation Drive - 30.7.2019
Green Color Day Activity (Pre-School)-30.7.2019
Pre-School Circle TIme Activity-30.7.2019
Pre-School Circle TIme Activity-29.7.2019
Zonal Netball Competition(IIIrd Position- Sub Jr. Boys) -29.7.2019
Parents Day Celebration- 27.7.2019
Zonal Patriotic Group Song Competition (Ist Prize) - 26.7.2019
Pre-School Circle TIme Activity-25.7.2019
Pre-School Circle TIme Activity-24.7.2019
International Ice Cream Day Activity(PS, PP, I & II)-23.7.2019
Pre-School Circle TIme Activity-23.7.2019
Zonal Badminton All Boys(Sub Jr. Boys) Team (Ist Position, Zone 1)- July 2019
Zonal Hindi Debate Competition-22.7.2019
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