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Art activity Class III to V on the occasion of International Day of Yoga (21.06.2020)
Art activity by our tiny tots of class I,II on the occasion of International Day of Yoga _21.06.2020
Father’s Day Activity_ Origami tie card _class- II (21.06.2020)
International yoga day celebrated with XI and XII class students ( 21-06-2020 )
Celebration of International Day of Yoga wth ncc cadets along with their family members _ 21.06.2020
Father`s Day activity _Collage and Bookmark making _Class- III (19.06.2020)
Father`s Day Celebration _ Photo Frame Activity by class 7 students (19.06.2020)
Father`s Day Activities (19.06.2020)
Father`s Day activity _ Class I E and I F (20.06.2020)
Father`s Day activity _ Class - I B (20.06.2020)
25th National Reading Day - 19-06-2020
Digital Reading Pledge - 19-06-2020
Father`s Day activity_Thank you letter to your father - Class -V (18.06.2020)
Father`s Day activity-Tie Card - Class - IV (17.06.2020)
Posters on International Day of Yoga (Students of class VII to X) 14.06.2020
World No Tobacco Day - Handmade posters (Class - IX and XI) -31.05.2020
World No Tobacco Day - Digital posters (Class VII to XII)- 31.05.2020
World No Tobacco Day - paintings and posters (Class - IX and X) (30.05.2020)
Mother`s Day - Greeting card activity_Class - X (11.05.2020)
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