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School's Other Activities

World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)
World Health Day Celebration _Class-  I & II (07.04.2021)


Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar, Delhi marked the celebration of 72 nd Republic Day in school premises. The day was celebrated with much gaiety and fervor.The celebration began with flag hoisting in the presence of Chairman,Mr. Anurup Sharma, Principal, Dr. Urmila Sharma, Head Mistress Ms.Saumya Anurup Sharma, Academic Proctor, Ms. Prabha Garg and Mr.S.P. Sharma. The school echoed with patriotic zeal as the children sang patriotic songs and danced to the tunes of patriotism. Next on the list was a performance in which four students spoke their heartfelt emotions about being Indian in four different vernaculars. The highlight of the programme was a skit based on “Shabdon ka Yudh, Corona ke virudh” portraying the importance of optimism in such a seismic shift.
Keeping in mind the potent role of a responsible voter, a pledge on National Voter’s Day was taken after which tricolor balloons were
released in the air by the dignitaries.
Chairman, Mr. Anurup Sharma, exhorted the students to respect their motherland and contribute in its glory & progress. Principal, Dr. Urmila
Sharma encouraged students to become responsible citizens and work together towards the betterment of our nation and mother Earth. The school Head Mistress Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma asked the young future drivers to take pride in the rich culture and heritage of our diverse nation and believe in the spirit of ‘Ek Bharat, Sreshtha Bharat’.The event ended with the vote of thanks which was proposed by Academic Proctor, Ms. Prabha Garg.



                                                                                      Language shapes the way we think,
                                                                                    And determine what we can think about
In tune with this thought, Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar organized a virtual English Fest on December 29, 2020 to imbibe in students the essence of a language that is most widely spoken across the globe.
It was a real blast in its utmost manner. Series of activities were held which evolved from the objective of the program such as to provide opportunities for students to showcase their God’s endowed talents and skills in communicating and expressing their emotions in the English language, which is essential to realise one’s goals in life. Students were engaged in different activities such as speech on some emergent issues, show & tell, dance performances, role paly, storytelling and poem recitation days before the main event.
On December 29, 2020, the event commenced with the customary Lamp-lighting ceremony as a tribute to Mother Saraswati, the embodiment of Knowledge and proceeded ahead with a plethora of presentations done by students on various topics on English which filled everyone’s cup of learning along with the exhibition of excellent and creative work done by the students. Above all the speeches delivered by the students filled the air with great respect towards English language.
The online event was graced by Honourable school Chairman, Shri Anurup Sharma, Principal, Dr. (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma, Headmistress, Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma, Academic Proctor, Mrs. Prabha Garg and Academic Advisor, Mr. S.P. Sharma. All the dignitaries filled the day with great spirit with their remarkable, wise and enthusiastic words appreciating the efforts of all the students and teachers and
highlighted the importance of language and vitality of English in today’s world.
Though English Fest has come to an end, but in our hearts, we will always celebrate this language by continuously striving towards making it more enjoyable.

VIBGYOR 27.11.2020 

VIBGYOR – Turning Mirrors into Windows

The whole purpose of VIBGYOR 2020 is like that of education in this crucial time of pandemic – it is to turn mirrors into windows.”

9th VIBGYOR – A virtual jaunt and an Inter School cultural event focusing on bringing out the best talent, was organized through online portal. ArwachinBhartiBhawan Sr. Sec. School organized plethora of activities in which around 170 students from 25 different schools participated and made it a grand success.

Myriads of activities were meticulously planned for different age groups like “Fable Funda” (Story telling), “Disguise” (Fancy Dress Competition) and "Designing Studio" ( Poster Designing) were organized to portray the creative thoughts of the students of the primary classes.“Woke this Way” (Flameless Cooking) brought out the culinary skills of students of middle classes. The students of secondary classes displayed their dexterity in “Celestial Circles” (Mandal Art) and the senior most students expressed their oratory skills in “Detailed Discourse” (Debate Competition ) and demonstrated how they thought out of the box through “Adroit Ads”( Ad Mad Show). Music lovers got satiated in gala event in which schools participated in “An Ode To God” (Bhajan Competition) and performed stupendously on folk tunes under the category “Dance of Diversity”.

After announcing the winners of all the competitions, Mr. Anurup Sharma, The Chairman of the school congratulated each and every participant to present a fabulous show during horrendous times of COVID 19 . Dr. Urmila Sharma, The principal of the institution addressed the students highlighting the importance of co-curricular activities like elocution, music and dance which supplement our education system and play an indispensable role in channelizing the youthful zest of the students in a positive direction. Ms. SaumyaAnurup Sharma, the Head Mistress through her enlightening speech motivated all the teachers and support staff who had toiled hard to mark an unforgettable event. The show concluded with Vote of Thanks by Ms. PrabhaGarg, Academic Proctor who thanked all the dignitaries,participating schools, their Principals, teachers and students for becoming a part of that joyful and mesmerizing journey. All the performances were second to none.



A Digital Tribute to The Father of The Nation Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar has once again proven that passion, perseverance and belief are above any pitfall. If one is determined to achieve and accomplish something, can go leaps and bounds, any obstacle even as big as the Corona Virus can’t curb the way and this is what each and every student and member of Arwachin School is founded with.

In tune with the high spirits and hearts full of gratitude, Arwachin Family paid their tribute to the Father of the nation ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ and a great leader & freedom fighter Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri ji on October 1, 2020. It was entirely a digital event held online on 1st October and premiered on School’s You tube channel on October 2, 2020.

The event was graced by Honourable school Director, Shri Anurup Sharma, revered Principal, Dr. (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma, young and gracious Headmistress, Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma, virtuous Academic Proctor, Mrs. Prabha Garg and respected Academic Advisor, Mr. S.P. Sharma.

The day began with lighting of lamp commemorating 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji and proceeded with a video showing glimpses of his exemplary life, bhajan ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’ sung by a choir of talented pupils, speech given by a budding orator of the school. Tiny tots too participated with great zeal presenting role play, reciting poems and by narrating some significant events of Gandhiji’s life.

All the dignitaries filled the day with great spirit with their remarkable, wise and enthusiastic words appreciating the efforts of all the students and teachers and paid their tribute to the two eminent personalities, Gandhiji and Shastriji, sacrifices of whom have led us to live in this free and independent nation.

Keeping in mind the ideologies of Gandhiji and his love towards nature ‘Growing Plants & Trees’ activity was conducted by the school and a video depicting efforts of young environmentalists was shown and the programme move forwarded with a ‘Skit on Dandi March’ presented by the school’s talented dramatists. Then proceeded with a fervid poem recitation by one of the teachers, Ms. Sudesh Kaushik, and a special wish by a group of teachers wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ‘Bapu’. Event then concluded with a serene meditational session marking the significance of peaceful mind and healthy body.

School Academic Proctor and Headmistress then ended the event with their kind vote of thanks to all the participants and attendees.  



On 14 September 2020, organized by the Hindi / Sanskrit department at Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Senior Secondary School (Vivek Vihar), Hindi Day is celebrated every year on a grand level in the school, but this year it is not happening due to Corona virus. But in this difficult situation, there was no decrease in the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the Arwachin family, everyone celebrated ‘Online Hindi Day'.  Many competitions for children were organized on Hindi day like Poetry Recitation, Speech, Poster making, Shloka singing, Bhajan singing, dancing etc. Children competed in all the competitions. Seeing their passion and courage, it was not as if we were stuck in some adverse situation. Their positivity and enthusiasm also gave a thumbs up to an epidemic like Covid-19. On this occasion, School’s Director- Mr. Anurup Sharma and Principal Dr. Smt. Urmila Sharma congratulated everyone on Hindi Day and praised Hindi of the children and department. He also said that Hindi is the most spoken language in the world. The purpose of Hindi Day is to convince the people that without using Hindi, the Hindi language will not develop, so we should be proud to be Hindi speaking.Saumya Anupara Sharma (H.M.), Mrs. Prabha Garg (Academic Proctor) and Mr. Satya Prakash Sharma (School Assistant) congratulated everyone on Hindi Day and praised the ‘Online’ Hindi Day.

CELEBRATION OF READING WEEK  (08.09.2020-11.09.2020)


As we all know that coronavirus pandemic 2020 has affected educational system. In these most difficult times, we all should believe in the term that even the darkest and most desperate situation can contain the seeds of new learning. 

To prove the same as per CBSE circular, Arwachin Bharti Bhawan sr sec school is celebrating Reading week from 8th -11th September, 2020  to recognise the importance of reading and to mark the occasion of International Literacy Day. On the very first day of reading week, all the students from classes I - V remained connected with their teachers virtually and read the books of their choice for 30minutes. Students were also provided support and suggestions by the concern teacher while they were reading. 

Here's a sneak peek of a few champions taking their online sessions. 
#Together we will win over any obstacle 




“A good teacher is like a candle—it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5thSeptember every year on the occasion of the birth anniversary of India’s second President, Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Dr.Radhakrishnanwas of the opinion that “teachers should be the best minds in the country”. Every year on 5th September, Teacher’s Day is celebrated all over India as an occasion to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts and hard work of our teachers in making us sophisticated and responsible individuals. As the world is currently facing the greatest crisis and fighting against COVID-19 pandemic; a small initiative of celebrating Teacher’s Day was taken by the school authorities, teachers and students of ArwachinBhartiBhawan Sr. Sec. School, VivekVihar.

For the celebration of Teacher’s Day, school had organized some online creative & innovativeactivities under the support and guidance of our dignitaries.  The occasion of online celebration was graced by School Director, Mr.Anurup Sharma, Principal, Dr. (Mrs.)Urmila Sharma, Headmistress, Ms.SaumyaAnurup Sharma and Academic Proctor, Ms.PrabhaGarg. School has always givenan opportunity and platform for the students to show their talent and capabilities and learn new skills. With great enthusiasm and zeal, Nursery tiny-tots participated by making greeting cards &videos of their poem, dance and songs. Students of classes I and II draw ‘Emojis for their teachers’ and wrote beautiful‘Thank You messages’ for their teachers. Likewise, students in grades III to V made beautiful videos by reciting a short poem/ shlokas/song and made E-card/Greeting card/Thank you note or PPT to portray their love for their teachers and honour their efforts during this worldwide pandemic. Similarly, students of classes VI to VIIIwere no less. They showcased their love and care for their teachers by making Handmade Greeting Cards, Posters, Paintings and some of them even dedicated few Songs/Poems/Shlokas to their teachers on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. Students of classes IX &X also participated in this by making paintings, cards, collages, and they also expressed their feelings/views for their teachers by recording their speeches in videos. Over the entire, school's platform was the gateway for stimulating students’ potentialsand it was a great celebration by collaborating the ideas & support of our school dignitaries due to which children celebrated this teacher’s day in true spirit.



INVESTITURE CEREMONY (2020-21) “Leaders are the role models who inspire the followers and motivate them to reach the target of success” As the world is currently facing the greatest crisis and fighting against COVID-19 pandemic; Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar is not leaving anything loose and is fulfilling each and every duty and responsibility to cater best to the students. Thus, school established its prolific student council and celebrated the Investiture Ceremony with great pomp and show digitally on 28th August 2020. The day started with the customary LAMP-LIGHTING ceremony as a tribute to Mother Saraswati, The embodiment of Knowledge. Then the council introduced new members for this session. The surprise was over as council introduced their Head Boy (Vaibhav Pratap Singh) and Head Girl (Bhumika Sheel). Other vital posts of council were also announced such as, School Captain, School Vice-Captain, Academic Captain Academic Vice-Captain, Discipline Captain, Discipline ViceCaptain, Cultural Captain, Cultural Vice-Captain, Sports Captain, Sports ViceCaptain, House stars, Prefects and so one from all the domains of the school. The show proceeded with The Oath Ceremony where member of the council pledged that they will shoulder their responsibilities and work towards the betterment of the school. Discipline captain then gave a Speech on Discipline and motivated students to perform as a team. The occasion of online celebration was graced by School Director, Mr. Anurup Sharma, Principal, Dr. (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma, Headmistress, Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma and Academic Proctor, Mrs. Prabha Garg, those who have provided this gateway for stimulating students’ potentials and it was a great celebration by collaborating the ideas & support of our school dignitaries due to which children celebrated their day in true spirit. Mr. Vinod Kumar Sharma, Ms. Mona Luthra (from Arwachin World School) and Ms. Jyoti (from Arwachin World School) also graced the occasion. At the end, Director Sir, Principal ma’am and Prabha ma’am encouraged students with their enlightening words and showered their blessings on them. Finally, the event concluded with the Vote of Thanks from the Head boy & Head girl of the school and National Anthem. 



Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar, Delhi,celebrated the national festival like every year. The global pandemic though restricted gatherings but the national fervor knows no boundaries, specially at Arwachin. The 74th Independence Day was celebrated with great zeal andenthusiasm where the school premises was well lit reflecting the tri-colour theme.An online celebration was planned to quench the thirst of the passionate Indians.
An online assembly, activities for every classes were planned. School Director Mr. Anurup Sharma,Principal Dr. Urmila Sharma, H.M., Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma, Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg and School Advisor Mr. S.P. Sharma alongwith some staff members gathered for the flag hoisting ceremony which went live for arwachinites and hence celebration of this national festival was again done together like every other year by the “Arwachin Parivar”.
The world is in war against the COVID-19 and at such crucial times it becomes utmost important to unite and stand tall to any situation. This online celebration itself reflects the patriotism on the part of the school Director Mr. Anurup Sharma and Principal Dr. Urmila Sharma who gave a great message of “Unity is not only strength but a motivation to face any gloomy situation and turn out as sparkling family.”

                            JANMASHTAMI CELEBRATION (11.08.2020)



Janmashtami is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna.  Shri Krishna is considered as one of the most powerful human incarnations of the Lord Vishnu. The sole objective of shri krishna's birth was to free the earth from the evilness of demons.  Though, we Stuck at our homes due to this pandemic covid -19 but despite of this situation Arwachin parivar took the initiative to celebrate the most significant day virtually on Aug 11,2020 to seek the blessings of Lord Krishna . It signifies excitement, euphoria and a joyous spirit of enthrallment.  Class I and II students dressed up as Lord Krishna and Radha with flutes, peacock feathers and matkas. A lot of fun - filled activities like painting, flute making were organised by the teachers  to inculcate cultural values among the students.

The life history of Lord Krishna was very beautifully depicted by students through various dance performances. At the end, our school principal Dr (Mrs) Urmila Sharma reminded the students about lord Krishna's devotion and obedience to his master.

All in all, a perfect virtual ambience was created and kids danced merrily to the tunes of Krishna songs and enjoyed themselves a lot.


SANSKRIT WEEK (27.07.2020 - 01.08.2020)


In continuation to the celebrations this year also Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School. Vivek Vihar celebrated Sanskrit week from 27.07.2020 - 01.08.2020 various activities were planned on the virtual platform. Students at middle and secondary level participated with great zest. Collages were organized, Sanskrit poems and songs were a part of competition.

Many students voluntarily participation in activities. Our worthy Principal Dr. Urmila Sharma applauded the students for showing extreme interest in this language.
Even the pandemic scenario students displayed their creative skills at their best.
Our Respected Director, Mr. Anurup Sharma congratulated the winners of Sanskrit competitons:- Aditya Kaushik, Kaustubh Tiwari, Mukti Jain and Kushagra Sharma, Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg booster the morale of the students. All activities were conducted in the aegis of Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma, the headmistress of the school.


In tune with the spirit of the occasion, Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar celebrated Friendship Day, a noble idea of honoring friends and friendship along with the festival of Raksha Bandhan underlining the love and duty between brothers and sisters marking the significance of the rich culture and traditions of India that make our nation extraordinary. While dealing with this unprecedented time and to help our children learn about the culture of India, various online activities were conducted for the students from classes Nursery-VIII under the great guidance of School Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma with continuous encouragement from Hon’ble School Director Shri Anurup Sharma along with zealous motivation from School Head Mistress Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma and Academic Proctor Mrs. Prabha Garg.

Activities like story narration on friendship and Rhyme recitation on Raksha Bandhan were conducted for the Pre-schoolers. The students of grade I to V participated in numerous other activities such as Rakhi Making competition using waste material, writing essays on Best Friend, Friendship Flower making and Rakhi Thali Decoration whereas students of classes VI – VIII made Friendship Bands, Greetings cards for Friends, Brother and sisters. Each one participated with great zeal and brightened this prolific occasion.



Van Mahotasav was celebrated by the Arwachin Bharti Bhawan sr. sec. school, vivek Vihar, but this time a bit differently, where the responsible arwachinites, on the guidance of the school planted saplings to instil social responsibility towards safeguarding trees amongst all. The “Tree Plantation Drive” was conducted from 7th to 12th July, where the arwachinites not only planted various saplings but also captured the moment.

The NCC Cadets too celebrated the “Tree Plantation Pakhwada” from 13th to 26th July where their work towards the tree plantation and creating awareness amongst locals grabbed the attention of all. Their posters, slogans and placards added to the green message being spread.

The school Director, Mr. Anurup Sharma, Principal,Dr. Urmila Sharma,H.M.,Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma motivated and worked for this noble cause by planting various medicinal plants like Aloe-Vera, Indian Basil, Neem etc. to highlight the need of green envelop for human survival. Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg acting as a mentor too actively worked for this noble cause. The event embellished the green gardens of our rejuvenating planet at this hard times of Covid 19 where social gathering was prohibited.



Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, VivekVihar, ensured the celebration of the ‘International Yoga Day’, but this time in a different way due to the prevailing corona crisis worldwide. Thestudents and staff enthusiastically practiced yoga and performed different ‘asanas’ at a set time, together and made the ‘International Yoga day’ celebration a grand success.

The pandemic could not prove to be a barrier in the spirit of the school. Its noteworthy that the school celebrates the yoga day every year with great zeal and this year too the school left no stone unturned to keep up the celebrations. Though, it was not possible to gather in the school but, on the able guidance of the school Director, Mr. Anurup Sharma and Principal Dr. Urmila Sharma, all the students and staff performed the ‘Asanas’ and recorded the same which was sent to the school. Along with, the school Director and Principal, the School Head Mistress, Ms. SaumyaAnurup Sharma, Academic Proctor, Ms. Prabha Garg and Academic Advisor,Mr. S.P. Sharma too became and integral part of the Yoga day celebration and kept up the spirit of the celebration.

The arwachinites, also participated in the ‘My Life My Yoga’ competition organized by the Aayush Ministry. The school proved that no obstacle can bar its path and learning shall always continue whatever the circumstances may be. The school will continue imparting knowledge forever.



“To the world you are a father. To our family you are the world.” A father is the friend upon whom we can always rely. In the hour of need, when all else fails, we remember him upon whose knees we sat when we were children, and who soothed our sorrows; and even though he may be unable to assist us, his mere presence serves to comfort and strengthen us. As the world is currently facing the greatest crisis and fighting against COVID-19 pandemic; a small initiative of celebrating father’s day was taken by the school authorities, teachers and students of Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar. To celebrate Father’s Day on 21st June 2020, school had organized some online creative & innovative activities under the support and guidance of our dignitaries. The occasion of online celebration was graced by School Director, Mr. Anurup Sharma, Principal, Dr. (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma, Headmistress, Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma and Academic Proctor, Ms. Prabha Garg. Everything was done under the learning environment of school giving by school dignitaries that is completely welcoming, respectful, inclusive and supportive to all. School has always given an opportunity for the students to show their talent and capabilities and learn new skills. As Father's Day is a celebration of honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in our society; teachers help students to recognize the important role that their fathers have in their lives by having them participate in these inspiring activities. With great enthusiasm and zeal, the pre-primary & pre-school tiny-tots participated by making greeting cards & picture with their fathers under the heading of ‘My Father, My Superhero’. Students of classes I and II made ‘Origami Tie-Cards’ and wrote a beautiful message for their fathers. Likewise, students in grades III to V made ‘book marks’, ‘tie-cards’ and did ‘letter writing’ to portray their love for their fathers. Students of classes VI to IX were no less. They showcased their love and care for their fathers by making greeting cards, photo frames, posters and some of them even dedicated few songs/poems to their fathers on the occasion of father’s day. Over the entire, school's platform was the gateway for stimulating students’ potentials and it was a great celebration by collaborating the ideas & support of our school dignitaries due to which children celebrated their day in true spirit.



Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar celebrated Mother’s Day by conducting various online activities under the guidance of worthy school Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma inspired by ever so motivating honorable director of the school Shri Anurup Sharma. The day that recognizes the essence of a mother was celebrated in high spirits and merriment. Very gracious and spirited Headmistress of school, Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma inspired the children to inculcate virtuous deeds and revered Academic Proctor Mrs. Prabha Garg resort to ethical ways that made the parents happy and contended.Keeping this bonding emotion in mind teachers made an earnest effort to instill the importance of mother in a child’s life through effective thematic presentations, moral stories, dramatization, video clippings and numerous activities like fan folding, card making, badge making, message box etc.The tiny tots came up with new and innovative ideas for the cards and reciting rhymes for their Mothers. They intensely and devotedly spoke about their mothers. Students of classes 3rd -5th paid tribute to their mother’s by performing poem recitation, letter writing, describing their mother’s activities respectively. Students of classes 6th -10th also displayed their love through some innovative activities like Handprint Flower Craft, Song, Picture Frame, Handmade Card, Desert /Sweet Dish Making respectively.It was a pleasure watching the dynamic and energetic children preparing something unique, something special and making their mother’s day an event worth remembering.This virtual initiative by Arwachin filled the air with intimacy, gratitude, appreciation, acknowledgement and gave all a moment to celebrate and forget the trauma of this globally spread deadly virus, leaving an indubitable mark on the hearts of everyone.Mom is suchA special wordThe loveliestI’ve ever heardA toast to youAbove all the restMom, you’re so specialYou are simply the best.




An effort by the flag bearers of Arwachin, spreading awareness to stay safe and healthy at home amidst this Global spread of Coronavirus. An amazing way to put across such a huge and potent message in just a couple of words.PROUD ARWACHINITES!!!




Basant Panchami was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in the premises of A.B.B.S., vivek vihar on the 29th of January, 2020. The day honoured Goddess Saraswati the goddess of knowledge, music, science and literature Basant means spring and Panchami is the fifth day of this season. As per beliefs worshipping the Goddess brings enlightenment of knowledge. The school celebrated and bestowed the beautiful goddess and her day with yellow garlands , fruits and sweets. Many events prepared by the arwachinities were presented in the honour of the Goddess of knowledge. Saraswati Puja, Saraswati Vandana, Kathak on thumri, kathak on Basant, Basant raag presentation and Shiv Bhajans remained the main highlight of the day. The school Director, Mr. Anurup Sharma and Principal Dr. Urmila Sharma worshipped and peformed a special puja and ‘havan’ for the overall development of the Arwachin family. School H.M. Saumya Anurup Sharma and Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg to bowed before the supreme goddess and prayed for her blessings for the enlightenment and success of all.


Green Diwali - Arwachin's small step towards a Noble Mission

A special ‘Say No to Crackers’ Campaign was organised by Arwachin Bharti Bhawan with the aim of creating awareness among the masses about the tremendous air pollution caused due to bursting of crackers. With the noble aim of celebrating ‘Green Diwali’ students pledged to say ‘No’ to crackers and ‘Yes’ to pollution free environment. A Special rally was flagged off on the day by Mr. S.P. Sharma, Academic Advisor of the school to advocate the message – ‘LETS CELEBRATE GREEN DIWALI’. The rally saw lots of enthusiasm among the students as they vociferated slogans by, encouraging them to gift our Mother Earth a tree this Diwali instead of harmful smoke of crackers.


Hathi ghoda palki, jai kanhaiya lal ki…

In order to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna, an avtar of Lord Vishnu, a celebration was organized by Primary wing of Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School on 23rd Aug 2019.A puja was offered to Lord Krishna by our Principal (Dr. Urmila Sharma), Academic Proctor(Ms. Prabha Garg) and Academic Advisor(Mr. S.P. Sharma).Students of Pre-School looked adorable being dressed as Krishna, Radha and the Gopis. The School ground echoed to the tunes of Radha-Krishna songs on which the little ones of Pre-Primary gave a enthusiastic performance. Another dance was performed by class I and II students which left everyone mesmerized. Even the teachers participated and created a devotional atmosphere be singing Krishna Bhajans.At the end, Our Principal Ma’am encouraged the students to remember the sole reason of celebrating this festival is bring Peace, Harmony & solace. Academic Proctor and Academic Advisor inspired the students to inculcate the cultural values in their daily life.


 On the advent of “Chaitra Navratri” on April 6 , 2019 , Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School , Vivek Vihar celebrated the onset of Chaitra Navratri and Hindu New Year 2076 with great zeal and enthusiasm.
These pious nine days of “Nav-ratri” are celebrated to mark the significance of “Nine Avatars” of Goddess Durga. As first day of Navratri is dedicated to “Devi Shailputri“ , people all over India fast to celebrate this day . Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School too celebrated the day , beginning with the “Lamp Lightening” by the revered dignitaries of the school , i.e. , School Advisor Mr. S.P.Sharma and Academic Proctor Mrs. Prabha Garg .
Celebration then proceeded with an enlightening speech and dance performance on “Devi Shailputri” by the students of class IX.
School Advisor and Academic Proctor wished all the teachers & the students and discussed the importance of these days and concluded the day .


To address important topics in an entertaining but educational way, Arwachin School, Vivek Vihar organized a puppet show for class V on April 10th, 2019. School Director Mr. Anurup Sharma graced the occasion with his presence. Among other dignitaries present were Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma, Mr. S.P. Sharma, Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg & Ms. Saumya Anurup Shrma. Mr. Gurdeep Singh Babbar was the resource person. 
From the opening scene everyone was mesmerized by the vibrant activity, vivid colours and delightful music. As they engrossed in the show they learnt without even realizing. As moral stories were enacted with the help of puppets to make it an attractive tool for learning. 
Children were enthralled to watch their favourite characters come alive during the show from the timeless classics like – ‘The Thirsty Crow’, Bhangra Dance and the Ganesha Story.
School Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma expressed her views on the importance of such programs for developing students’ language skills, listening skills and improving critical thinking and comprehension.
Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg explained the motive behind it, that was to acquaint the little children with simplest method of learning. It was a show that changed the entire value by creating more possibilities for creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and curiosity. The whole show was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all present there.


‘ Basant Panchami ’ is an occasion which marks the advent of the spring season and is also celebrated to worship Goddess ‘Saraswati’. This day was celebrated in Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar on February 8, 2019 with great fervor and enthusiasm. The school was abuzz with the festive spirit. The celebrations commenced with the ‘Lamp Lighting’ followed by ‘Saraswati Vandana’, invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati for seeking knowledge and wisdom. A group of students presented some exceptional performances such as ‘Kathak Tarana’, ‘Bandish in Raag-Raageshri with Holi song to mark to the onset of Holi. ‘Tabla Recital’ by a group of dexterous students added thrill to the celebration. ‘Tarana’ sung by some prodigious singers of the school gave celebration a classical ending.
The event then concluded with the kind and motivational words of honourable Director of the school Shri Anurup Sharma, ever so committed Principal of the school Dr.(Mrs.) Urmila Sharma wished all on the occasion and praised the talented pupils. Extremely devoted school Head Mistress Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma also wished everyone and offered her prayers to Goddess Saraswati. Respected School Advisor Mr. S.P. Sharma and virtuous Academic Proctor also graced the occasion and shared their views on the importance of knowledge and wisdom in life.


CLASSES PRE - SCHOOL & II (14.12.2018)


Every event at Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School , Vivek Vihar , is an opportunity for the students to showcase their talent and capabilities and learn new skills and this time it was turn of students of Pre-school and class II , for whom “Cerebrum – A Cultural Extravaganza “ was organized on Friday , December 14 , 2018 in the school premises.
The Director of the School, Mr. Anurup Sharma and the Principal, Dr. (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma graced the occasion with their gracious presence.
Mrs. Kusum Lata , Vice Principal of Arwachin School , Balbir Nagar and Mrs. Sunita Saxena , Staff Secretary were the Special Guests at the event.
The programme embarked on with the traditional diya lighting by the present dignitaries, after which the welcome speech was given by the School Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg.
It was an event dedicated to the confluence of different cultures, when artistes of pre- school and Class – II performed various states dances and social Awareness Acts.
The celebration fiesta started with “Ganesh Vandana” which was followed by the commandable dance performance of tiny – tots on “Save Environment “. Then, the regiment of ebullient young pupil mesmerized everyone by their spectacular performance on “Veer Jawaan “and filled the air of school with the fragrance of patriotism.
The graph performances such as “Gratitude to Parents Dance”, Twelve Days of Christmas Dance” and “The International Folk Dances” were the show-stealer. The act on Women-Empowerment” and the dance on “Beat Plastic pollution” received thunderous applauses from the audience.
The Programme witnessed the participation of 600 students who worked tirelessly under the guidance of their teachers to put together and present the show.
Performances were followed by the prize distribution ceremony, where the special guests gave away the prizes to little angles.
The programme ended with the thought provoking speech given by Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma emphasizing that the beautiful flowers blossom from little buds-and the school’s platform is the gateway for stimulating their potentials.
School Headmistress Ms. Soumya Anurup Sharma appreciated the tremendous efforts of the young minds. Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg congratulated the teaching and non-teaching staff for the commendable showcase.


CLASSES PRE - PRIMARY & I (17.11.2018)


Arwachin School, Vivek Vihar celebrated its cultural extravaganza of Pre-Primary and Class-I on Saturday, 17th Nov, 2018, amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation. School Director Mr. Anurup Sharma was the Hon’ble Chief Guest. Among other diginitaries present were School Principal Dr(Mrs) Urmila Sharma, Mr. S.P. Sharma & Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg. Parents were also invited to witness their flowers blossom.

The Hon’ble guests set the ball rolling by lighting the traditional ceremonial lamp. Then, little Arwachinians invoked the blessings of Almighty through their performances on Ganesha & Saraswati Vandana.

The event was an amalgamation of social awareness programmes like “Save Environment’, ‘Say-no to Plastic bags’, ‘Right to Education’. And the programmes revealed many aspects of our rich culture showcasing versatility like ‘Dandiya-Raas’, ‘Goverdhan-Leela’, ‘Gidda’. The highlights of the programme were the performances of tiny-tots on ‘Bam-Bam Bola’ & ‘Kulfi’. A group mime-act on ‘Right to Education’ enthralled the audience and got standing ovation.

Performances were followed by the Prize distribution Ceremony where the Hon’ble Chief Guest gave away the prizes to little angels.

Parents & Guests had a glint of pride in their eyes as they watched the mesmerizing performances.

The Chief Guest was superlative in the appreciation of the students and teachers. He lauded the vision and relentless hard work done by the participants and their mentors for such a programme. School Headmistress Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma congratulated for such an outcome. The show culminated with the vote of thanks by the Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg.

RAM LEELA CELEBRATION(15.10.2018 - 16.10.2018)


Old Aged persons are important part of our society and should not be neglected. Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar organized a visit to an old Age Home ‘Bhagwad Dham’ on 1st Oct, 2018. Students presented various cultural programmes prepared on the era of 70’s. To start with a session of bhajans followed by classical dance and games to entertain them. Solo performances were mesmerizing and dedicated to the people there. Each one there, was a wealth of information, encyclopedias of life struggles who have seen and experienced both good and bad in life. Also a token of love, medicines, fruits, basic essentials etc were presented amongst the inmates.

Principal Dr (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma in her address gave her warm wishes and told students that old people just expect a smile, respect and attachment from the world and not sympathy. School Director, Mr. Anurup Sharma stressed on to organize such visits on regular basis to shape up the youth. Mrs Prabha Garg, Academic Proctor informed the students that the objective of visit is not to generate any sympathy but to generate empathy towards old aged persons.   



Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar echoed with safety measures and precautions as a workshop by Delhi Police was organized in the special assembly. It was in bid to educate the school students about Delhi Police’s new app “Himmat Plus”. Two Delhi Police constables Ms. Rachna and Ms. Komal spoke about “Himmat Plus” app that has a SOS feature which would report one’s location to the Delhi Police in no time. The Principal of the school and some teachers immediately installed the app in their phones to further provide information about the app to the students.

Principal Dr (Mrs) Urmila Sharma address the audience and also touched upon the relevance of the app designed by Delhi Police. Director Mr. Anurup Sharma and Academic Proctor Mrs. Prabha Garg also urged everyone to download the app and stay safe.


Madhuban, a prominent school textbooks publisher in India and abroad organized and invited students and teachers of Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar to explore the world of Book Making on 21st & 23rd Aug’ 2018. The aim behind it is to make the teaching-learning process holistic while constantly encouraging the curiosity of young minds. A group of 50 students per day of classes VI to VIII + visited the printing facility at Industrial Area, site IV, Sahibabad (U.P.) and catalyst the whole process. Children experienced the process in a very interesting way, plus they also learned the book publishing terminology from seasoned professionals.

School Principal, Dr. Urmila Sharma desired to produce the best learning tools forms the core of the publishing programmes, as they are quite enriching and informative.

This visit took out the children outside the typical learning domain and set them free to feel and experience things exactly the way they are. Whole visit comprised by a session on book making process, and an activity followed by plant visit.

SOCIAL SCIENCE WEEK (20/07/2018 - 24/07/2018)

Every year Social Science Fest is conducted in Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar Delhi. In this session (2018-2019) also the Social Science Dept. conducted its fest from 20th July, 2018 to 24th July, 2018 with great pomp and show.

Started with the opening ceremony on 20th July 2018 with stage performances Dances of India from Primary Dept., Role play of Political Leaders from senior students, Monoacting by middle dept., Patriotic solo dance and group dance by senior dept.

On 21st July, 2018_ slogan writing from Primary dept., Poster making competition  from Secondary dept and Rally on Swacchta from Middle department were held on 23rd and 24th July, 2018 - Exhibition for the classes III-XII was organized under the guidance of their teachers.

     All the teachers of Social Science dept. collectively planned and organized the fest with great zeal. The entire team participated whole heartedly towards the success of the fest.

The chief guest of grand gala function was Director Mr. Anurup Sharma who inspired and encouraged the organizers with his innovative ideas. Honorable Principal Dr. Urmila Sharma motivated the team with her inspirational words. This function was also attended by H.M MS. Saumya Anurup Sharma, Mr. S.P Sharma and Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg. They appreciated the efforts of the students.

The function ended with vote of thanks proposed by Social Science coordinator.

SUMMER CAMP (14/05/2018-30/05/2018)

Warmth through the Talent at Summer Camp

Arwachin School, Vivek Vihar, celebrated the closing ceremony of Summer Camp on May 30, 2018. It was around 16-17 days camp organized within the school premises with variety of acts and activities such as Badminton, Cricket, fitness drill, Art and Craft, Vocal, instrumental, dance, Home Science, etc.

School Chairman Anurup Sharma along with S.P Sharma and Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg lighted the inaugural lamp. The dignitaries got welcomed with students handmade craft articles. The programme began with Orchestra band presentation followed by Group song by the students of class IV to IX.

Considering the health aspect, a enthralling fitness drill acknowledge the potential of the students. Kids shaked their bellies on songs which spell abound the spectators. The event ended with a medley of dance numbers showcased the highlights of the event. Chairman, Anurup Sharma lauded the performances and were impressed by the scale of the performances. Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg was seen enthralled and pleased after the event and asked the students to thoroughly enjoy their holidays.


Arwachin School, Vivek Vihar celebrated ‘Cerebrum’-A Mega Cultural Fiesta on 23rd Dec, 2017 with full verve and enthusiasm. The premises were filled with hues and odours of Christmas and New Year as the Tiny-tots from Pre School to II class exhibited their performances.

Mr. Sanjay Goyal, MCD Councillor presided over the function and graced the occasion with his magnetic presence. The inauguration of the event was done by lighting lamp and invoking Gods through the medium of Ganesh Vandana and Durga Stuti.

The tiny tots enthusiastically performed on ‘Snow Dance, Christmas Ballet and a Skit based on the theme of X’mas. The students also touched the social issues like Swachhta, Sanitation, Female foeticide, Education for all, teach a girl child through their peppy and mushy numbers.

Highlighting the theme of Incredible India the future drivers depicted the culture of Kashmir, Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan in the form of Folk dances.

The highlight of the programme was colours of Western India and Rock & Roll performance which left everyone spellbound.

Ms. Urmila Sharma, Principal appreciated the efforts of all parents and teachers who motivated students for 100% class performance. Mr. Anurup Sharma, Director motivated students to shed their stage fright. Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma, Officiating Head Mistress too was mesmerized and inspired the students for such more events. Ms. Prabha Garg, Academic Proctor proposed a vote of thanks for making the event a great success.


School has organized Fete in the school premises on two dates. School Fete for classes Nur-V was organized on 27.10.17 and for classes VI-IX on 23.11.17. Apart from enjoyment the aim of the fete was to teach monetary transactions to the students.


A Day Adventure Camp for classes 9-12 was organized on 1.12.17. The camp was duly supervised by the school teachers and professional instructors from Rocksport. There were various activities organized for the students like zorbing, commando net, mowgli walk, tug of war, zip line, horizontal crawl, hamster wheel etc. The whole experience was a memorable experience for the students. It also worked on breaking the gap between the students and teachers.


An Interschool competition, VIBGYOR-REPERTOIRE is organized every year in the school. This platform is given to students to showcase their talent at different levels. At the same time such competitions challenge the students of our school to gauge their abilities by competing with the students of other schools

This year also the competition was organized on 24.10.17.A rainbow of activities was planned for the students according to their classes. Some of the activities were alphabet colouring, stamped tee, whacky ice cream zone, refurbish container, techsavvy buddies,

Street play etc. A total of 300 students participated from 16 schools. The whole event was a huge success.


Students are always encouraged to participate in other activities for their all round development.

Following is a list of such activities in which students participated in this academic year:

5 SOF(IMO) SOF 5.12.17 III-XII 171
7 SOF(NSO) SOF 9.11.17 III-XII 101
8 SOF(IEO) SOF 6.10.17 III-XII 102



School excursions are an important and effective means of motivating students and engaging them in active learning experiences. Excursions are carefully planned as part of the educational program at each year level. This year also the following excursions were planned for the students

 1     SMURF -MOVIE 27.9.17 NUR-II


Sr. No Name Position











World Population Day was observed on 11 July 2017 in school premises. Students presented a role play . Poster Making and Slogan Writing was held . Results are as follows:-


 Yoga Day , is celebrated annually on 21 June since its inception in 2015. The International Day of yoga was declared unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Our school also celebrated the day on 21.6.17 exhibiting its belief that education is not only about academics,it includes the development of body,mind and soul.


Special activities were organized throughout the session subject wise:

1 08.05.17-11.05.17 ENG/FRENCH FEST
2 26.07.17-29.7.17 SOCIAL SCIENCE FEST
3 09.08.17-14.08.17 SCIENCE FEST
4 21.08.17-26.08.17 LIBRARY FEST
5 25.09.17-28.09.17 HINDI/SANSKRIT
6 12.10.17-13.10.17 COMEC
7 20.12.17-22.12.17 MATHS FEST

MOTHER'S DAY CELEBRATION 2017. (09.05.2017)

The children of the school, Vivek Vihar made their moms feel special, by the Mother's Day Celebration on 9th May 2017 in the school premises, students presented a lovely show dedicated to their mothers encompassing skits, dances and rhymes, to showcase love, respect and gratiotude towards their mothers.

Officaiting H.M. Saumya Anurup Sharma, threw light on the role of the mothers and encourage the students to fulfill their duties towards their mother.

ENGLISH  FEST 2017 (8 MAY - 11 MAY 2017)

English week was observed in the premises of the school. The school echoed with the variety of activities whwre 100% participaion was ensured. The fest aimed to aware the students regarding the importance of English in today's era. Variety of activities showcased by the Arwachinities adorned the atmosphere. Spellathon, Calligraphy and Career Counselling were the main highlights of the fest. 11th May was the concluding day and the closing ceremony grabbed the attention of all skit on ;Environment' by tthe middle classstudents 'She' by senior students, English and French songs added to the charm on the week.



As we all know Diwali festival is approaching. So, Students should know the harmful effects of burning crackers and should celebrate  of rate safe and eco-friendly Diwali. So our school has started an ‘Anti-Cracker Drive’ from 1st oct 16 to 29th oct 16.

Initiative for Anti-Cracker Drive in the form of different activities.

  1. Poem (Eng+Hindi)
  2. Motivational play
  3. Effects with Act
  4. Poetry (English) & puppet show
  5. Double personality act with dance
  6. Nukkad Natak
  7. Skit 

Visit to Publishing House

Date – 27th & 28th sep, 2016

Arwachin School, Vivek Vihar organized an educational visit to S.Chand Publishing  House .This visit created keen interest among the students regarding the publishing of books. A presentation concerned to author, editor etc.

Guru vandana Chatra Abhinandan

Programme organized by

Bharat Vikas Parishad

On 8.9.16

Bharat Vikas Parisad organized a programme to honour teacher and students on 8.9.16 in the school premises. Following teachers and students were awarded with certificate and Trophy-

Principle – Dr. (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma,Officiating Head Mistress – Ms. Saumaya Anurup Sharma, Academic Incharge  - Mr. Jose Jacols along with Mr. Vinod

Kumar Sharma, Ms. Praveen Arora and Ms. Vyomeshwari.

Students who received this award are-

  1. Kartik Sharma XII H
  2. Kavya Saxena XI A
  3. Pulkit Sharma VII A



To make the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, the little toddlers of Arwachin presented a fabulous and outstanding performances, which enthralled everyone. Students were beautifully dressed up in the attire of Radha-Krishna & Gopi-Gopikas. 


CEREBRUM (PPA1, A2)-2016

Arwachin School, Vivek Vihar celebrated successful baby step with an outstanding cultural extravaganza of students of PPA1 and A2 on August 6th 2016. The programme commenced with welcome of guests by tiny tots. School Director Anurup Sharma Principal Dr (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma inaugurated the programmer by lighting the lamp. The event kicked off with a scintillating performances charukic  kids also demonstrated various yogasanas officiating Head Mistress. Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma and Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg applauded the efforts of students and teachers.



Celebration of International  youth day on 12.8.16 cadets participated in painting competition and also took pledge on youth day.

Winners of painting competition are:-


Sr. No Name Class Position


Bharti Pareek




Rishika Jain








Mansi Sharma





Tagore House - Bal Sabha was conducted on the morning of 10.8.16 wherein classes I to XII Tagore House students along with House Teachers were assembled. House Perfects were selected on  it was quite meaningful and interactive.


Talent Hunt Competition was organised for the new members of Arwachin Pariwar. They participated in various activities like singing dancing drawing etc. They showcased their talent and left the audience mesmerized. Principal Dr. Urmila Sharma motivated all the student and awarded two students with cash prize of Rs.101/-  1.Yasraj (IX-G)(Singing)  2. Priyamvad Singh  (IX-H)(Tabla).


The Arwachinians kids honoured the motherhood and the maternal bonds. The celebration was made on the bright morning of 27the April ‘2016. The presence of distinguished ladies of various fields sparkled the event. The crowning welcome was quite unusual and added a damsel look to the beauty of Mrs. Pushplata (Dir. Arwachin, Balbir Ngr), Mrs Poonam Chawla (in teaching profession), Mrs. Aradhna wahi, Mrs. Sunita Saxena (staff secretary, Balbir Ngr). The auspicious lamp lighting ceremony kicked off the series of event included young ones of class I & II performed on eng. Numbers a group song (Tu kitni achchi hai) a skit on a Mother-Daughter relation and bond and a group dance on a medley. To encourage the spirit of the mothers and make the memorable pee-ka-boo with moms was organized, which made the stage seems like fairyland.

The day was then blessed by the esteemed words of Principal Dr (Mrs.)Urmila Sharma who salute the mothers of the world, who bear all the hardships to make their child, the great achievers of the future Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma, officiating Headmistress appreaciated the zest and zeal of the mothers. Mrs. Prabha Garg, the Academic Proctor inspired the youngsters to take it as a moral duty to respect and love your parents.


A heritage campaign was organised at “Arwachin” On 18th April ’16 ,with a plethora of educational and entertainment based activities to mark heritage day. The campaign began with a special assembly where students were told about the varied facets of heritage which includes forts, dances, palaces etc.

A talk & pledge was initiated by the teachers and students which highlighted that heritage is a treasure trove of the past & it is the responsibility of the present generation to protect, preserve and promote its continuity for future generation.

The students of classes III to IX crafted display charts with the help of their teachers on the architectural legacy of India. School director Mr. Anurup Sharma and Principal Dr. (Mrs) Urmila Sharma, touched the various aspects of students awareness about the diversity, vulnerability and preservance of world’s built monuments and heritage. Academic proctor  Ms. Prabha Garg along with Ms. Saumya A Sharma also motivated the students to spread the awareness among others too. The students were duly amused and curious throughout the campaign!



Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School , Vivek Vihar  Delhi-95 Participated in the largest practical session in IISF at IIT-Delhi. Out of students from class Ix to XII, 50 students have participated in this session and they are going to make a history for the achievement. As 2000 students from all over Delhi (50 students from each school) have done the practical at IIt -Delhi campus all together and they are going to add their name in the Guinnees Book of  world Record.


A mobile App Design   Competition was organized by Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) New Delhi at India Habite Centre Lodhi road -110003 on 6 -Nov,15.  Ankur Nigam class 12  A,  stood 2nd  and got  the prize  15k with certificate. His idea was very much appreciated by the member of Delhi Urban Art Commission. Ms  Sonali  Bhagwati  , Mr  Rajeev Kr  Gaur , Mr. Sameer  Mathur the member of (DUAC) specially  committed  us  that his idea will be implemented in future.  

School Swachchata  Campaign

Cleanliness or Swachehta is a basis human value that has to be inclueated and constantly reinforced among our student so that cleanliness becomes an integral part of our total personality. Keeping it in mind and to promote good health practices, Arwachin school organized “School Swacchchta Campaign “ as per the guidelines given by the CBSE

Following activities are being conducted during this period ,like Nukkad Natak,Poster Making, Slogan/ Eassay Writing, Cleanliness Drive etc.

Swachchta Monitors have been deputed who inpeact  own deputed classes turnwise (According to the House System) and prepare report about the cleanliness of the class/tpilets/ corridor etc. These monitors will be given full credit  for their work in their F.As



School Eco Club organized Anti –Fire  cracker Drive to sensitize Children and staff about the harmfull effect of fire crackers so that they use safer alternatives e.g lights flower etc. to celebrate the festive students prepared  slogans and poster to depict various harmfull effects associated with the noise and Air Pollution generated by the sudden outburst of crackers. They also organized a rally on 7.11.2015 to spread awareness among students.


The birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is being observed as ‘Rashtriya Ekta Diwas’ on 31st oct 2015. A special assembly was organized on this occasion where students took pledge to preserve the unity, integrity and security of the nation. They took out a rally too. Various activites likePoster Making /Paintivites Elocution ,Quiz etc. were also organized on the themes unity & Integrity and safety and security.Students also participated in Expression series organized online by CBSE on 31st October-2015


  1. Ministry of Water Resources Organized 6th Painting Competition. on Water Conservation Competition which was organized for classes 6th to 8th. Best three entries were sent on 28th Oct. 2015 
  2. Students made beautiful paintings on the following themes:-
  • Stop River Pollution
  • Nirmal Nadi
  • Contamination of grand water with arsenic and other contamination issues.


Bharat Vikas Parishad Organized National group song competition on 30th sept 2015 in which our school secured II position and got a chance to participate in the state level competition & school  bagged III position at this level ,following students participated in this level :-

  1. Kartik                 X-C
  2. Nikhil                  X-C
  3. Arsh                     IX-H
  4. Chandar          IX-H
  5. Kartike                IX-G
  6. Siddharth        IX-G
  7. Nikhil Jha           XII –D
  8. Rajat                  IX- G
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