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Computer Education


Computer Education

Revolution in computer education will not be complete until the computers are used as media of teaching in each and every school in our country. Keeping pace with the changing times, IT education is given priority and both teachers and students are exposed to computer education. To achieve this aim, we have established two well-equipped computer laboratories within our school premises.

Computer Lab for Primary Wing

The school has got a separate computer lab for junior class students used as a stepping-stone by the young kids to face the high-tech world of tomorrow. This lab also serves the purpose of enhancing the coordination between mental and physical potentials, together with stimulating the intellectual level of children through educational games.

We have qualified and experienced teachers for computer science along with a team of lab attendants who hold the fingers of our tiny tots and expose them to the world of technology.

The lab is equipped with latest systems with the required copies of licensed software and is spacious enough to accommodate a class of at least 50 students at one go.

Computer Lab for Middle and Senior Secondary School (VI TO XII)


Similarly, the Computer laboratory meant for middle as well as high school is well developed and in-sync with the everyday changing and modernizing technology. The lab has 40-45 systems with the required copies of licensed software. The senior secondary school students use it for C++ and Multimedia and Web Technology whereas basics of computer science and languages are taught to the students of middle school students under the expert guidance of our teachers and much experienced lab assistants. Each lab is equipped with a state of art LCD projector for teacher demos and other presentation purposes.

 Special Computer Laboratory

We have developed a Special Computer Aided Learning Laboratory for our tiny tots where they are able to avail the facilities such as large variety of Audio Visuals, exemplary collection of Moral Stories, an encyclopedia of General Knowledge, varied modules for enhancing language learning skills, Rhymes, Cartoon Films, Play Way Learning and much more. It is utilized entirely by the primary and Nursery classes. The modules available are 100% aligned to the syllabus specified by CBSE and is CCE integrated. The students can get an access to the lab content through Computer Discs (CD-ROM).

Robotics Laboratory


Computer Aided Learning through TEACHNEXT

It is widely believed that students are like a locked door and teachers are those locksmiths, who open the locks and gives them an access to an unlimited ocean of knowledge. Just like a locksmith has to use different keys to open different locks, similarly a teacher has to use different techniques to cater to every individual.

To help our teachers in this task, we have generously digitalized our classrooms at primary level with the new age technology called Teach Next. Digital education brings  a fundamental change in the way knowledge is imparted and received and makes teachers more productive and lectures more valuable.

The TeachNext solution has superior audio and visual quality. All the modules are in complete integration with CBSE guidelines and specifications. The system uses native voice over artists for all the audio modules that are entirely based on CCE pattern. It allows teachers to access the available content along with a facility to develop their own lessons according to their convenience and make learning an enjoyable and pleasant experience for our blooming buds.

Computer Aided Learning through SMART CLASS

Digital education brings about a fundamental change in the way knowledge is imparted and received. Even weaker students learn better in digital classrooms. At Arwachin Bharti Bhawan School ,all the classrooms have been covered so far with smartboards , consisting of a wall mounted LCD Projector and a CPU powered by Educomp in which the CBSE syllabus with graphics, diagrams, illustrations and animation in 3D format are available.


The Subjects like Mathematics, General Science, English, EVS, Social Studies, History, Geography and Civics are adequately covered in the curriculum for students of classes. Our repository consists of multimedia 2D and 3D modules that enable the teacher to explain the lesson in an effective manner. The course content is well divided into separate modules and is easily accessible by teachers with just a click of username and password.


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