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The British Council International School Award (ISA) is a paradigm that accredits the schools that have shown a commitment to embedding international awareness and global citizenship within the class and school. ISA is a leadership challenge and fosters team-building, innovation, project management and encourages collaboration and critical thinking. Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar underwent an extensive journey of ISA throughout the session 2019-20. A plethora of activities were conducted in collaboration with foreign schools in Nigeria, UAE, Croatia, Ireland and in school premises with the view to evolve our students into global citizens.

activity 1: Folklores across the globe     

Collaborative project

                                                    Where there is UNITY, 
                                                 There is always VICTORY. 

Unity stands for power; the purpose of oneness should be an inclusion of all. With this our motto the school organized a very beautiful, yet learning experience for the teens of    class 11th and 12th grade during the month of September.
The students learned and gained knowledge about the prevalent folklores of different cultures across the world with the special emphasis on INDIA, KOREA and NIGERIA.The students collaboratively participated in this ISA activity which included young minds to make stories based on the concoction of cultural aspects of the selected countries, that is INDIA, KOREA and NIGERIA.The groups made a wonderful effort and together constructed winsome stories for which they later made posters, completing altogether poster and story making competition.The students of both the spaces learned about cross culture diversities, languages and gained information about the working & living algorithms of opposite culture. It was overall a nice experience and students wholeheartedly participated in this event.

ACTIVITY 2: dance to celebrate diversity


With the view to make our students learn international dance forms thereby increasing their capacity to appreciate diverse cultures and develop respect for foreign form popular in the country of the partner school.
School organized an ISA activity for the students of classes 9th and 10th in the month of October. Our students interacted with the students of NIGERIA across the video calling and conferencing.The activity included preparing solo and group dance performances based on INDIA, NIGERIA and BRAZIL.Tutorials were exchanged and performances were sent to opposite groups to enhance and enrich the knowledge about the cultural folk Dances, thereby to increase their capacities to appreciate diverse cultures and develop respect for foreign form in the country.The students of both the schools prepared solo dance and group dances, exchanged it with the opposite campus to learn and understand what each culture want to depict through there dance.The students learnt about the manifolds of famous dance forms in respective countries which helped them to gain an insight about differences in arts and attitudes.The students also participated actively in poster making competitions based on the amalgamation of Dances from India, Nigeria and Brazil and were judged on the basis of creativity, accurateness and team work skills.Students of both the countries not only gained knowledge about different cultures and languages but also learned team work, creativity and other leadership qualities.

ACTIVITY 3: let's sustain the earth


The nation that leads in renewable energy will be eventually the nation that will lead the future.To make a gist of contribution towards developing and understanding the importance of Renewable energy, its uses, impacts and how it will lead to successful sustainable  development of the country, students of classes 6th to 8th participated dynamically in a collaborative activity of ISA.The students of our school in alliance with the students of UAE and NIGERIA did an informative research work on renewable energy with the help of teachers.The students based on their research work prepared documentaries which were eventually send to opposite teams and was discussed elaborately via video conferencing.The students on the basis of their individual understanding and knowledge gained prepared a report and discussed the chief aspects related to renewable energy, how it has power to change nation's economy and how sustainable development leads to better future.The activity overall went well with the lot of learning and gaining.

ACTIVITY 4: water management - an insight to global crisis

in-house PROJECT

School conducted a host of activities with the view to sensitize our students towards Global Crisis of Water Scarcity and to give them a know-how of myriad ways being adapted in different countries specifically in INDIA, CAPETOWN and DUBAI to deal with the problem of global water scarcity in the month of April and May, 2019.The session witnessed the huge participation of students from 3rd to 5th grade; to learn and enhance their knowledge and skills.The teachers make sure to start everything from scratch so that nobody faces difficulty while gaining new knowledge and be on same page. It started with the detailed Research Work carried out by teachers and students jointly followed by power point presentation on "FACE THE CRISIS" in which meaning, causes and other reasons of water being scarce and eroded were stated elaborately. It also included measures to secure and conserve water, its resources, measures taken by individuals, public etc.Following this was the Essay Writing Competition on "WATER CONSERVATION-A RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL", in which students actively and purposely put up their views and ideas.The frolic learning and new ideas kept the pace high and excellent. Another line of activity was Poster Making on the topic "Water Conservation".The students have shown their talents and skills very creatively and uniquely through poster drawings and sketching. They collectively conveyed there message to the masses about water conservation and its usefulness. Last but not the least, the students were taken to the laboratories and shown the methods of Water Purification and Filtration. The activities turned out to be extremely eminent and gave students a great learning experience.

ACTIVITY 5:let's honor the international days


To enhance and enrich the knowledge of cultural diversities of the world with the special emphasis on United States of America, France and India, School organized scads of activities covering a range of languages, dance, music, brain storming quiz and computational skills.Host of events ran through the month of July and August, 2019 beginning with Patriotic Costume Contest of all the selected countries in which students were to depict and portray the Great leaders and bigwigs of selected countries. The students were judged on the basis of Adherence of the country being represented which further included participants wearing proper costumes, coherency and relevancy on the basis of creativity, their individual efforts and overall appearance.This was followed by various other activities like Poster Making Competition, an Extensive Quiz based on American history, Speech and presentation on Bastille Day, French Song along with acts on Indian History.The students celebrated independence days on the held days accompanying various activities which involved not only active participation but also provided each and every student a great platform to showcase their talents and skills and to learn, comprehend and enrich the beauty of different countries.

ACTIVITY 6:cerebrum - an annual extravaganza


What makes a child discover his gifts and talents may not always be in good grades but altogether participating in the world of learning and enhancing skills. 
With this motto as our aim, we organized an Annual Day Function -  “CEREBRUM" on December 11, 2019 focusing on holistic and interpersonal development of a child from a very young age.The event started with all the passion and ardour, main attraction of the event being CAT WALK – a multi-cultural fashion parade representing INDIA, USA and ROME by NURSERY class students, where they were dressed in different attires of India and foreign countries and were judged on overall basis.This was followed by DANCE PERFORMANCE where different groups of GRADE 1 students performed dances of INDIA, USA AND ROME. The event then proceeded with the Group Song by Grade 2 students singing melodiously the songs of USA and ROME.The event had a great impact on the students making them aware of the diversity across the globe in terms of clothing, music and dance.


ACTIVITY 7:commerce fest-2019


There is no trade or employment without COMMERCE. 
Commerce and business are an integral parts of life knowingly or unknowingly. 

As an attempt to develop entrepreneurial skills, to give our students a run-through of the real world and to make our students the global citizens, School celebrated the COMMERCE FEST – ‘COMEC 2019’.
The students got to know about various famous business personalities across the world with the special emphasis on personalities of AMERICA, INDIA AND CHINA.They learned about various facts and problem solving skills, importance of foreign, economic, social, political, cultural and legal environment.This acted as a catalyst in enhancing and enriching their cognitive knowledge about the world issues and appropriateness of competitive, diligent and creative skills.The events covered were ENTREPRENEUR EXTEMPORE, in which young minds were shown the presentation about the life and struggles of famous business tycoons and following to this, they were asked to prepare a report on the personality that influenced them the most.Another activity lined after this was AD-MAD, with the theme where creativity meets madness. In this activity, students were to select FMCG products or services and asked to showcase their marketing skills. The main aim of this activity was to make students learn about the promotional strategies and also to have a glimpse of worldwide famous products and services.Last but not the least in line was ONLINE CASE STUDY in which pupils were given case studies underlining business related problems and for which they were to provide appropriate solutions.This was to enhance the thinking and computational abilities.The events went well with the bulk of learning, new knowledge and new experiences for students.




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