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Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, Vivek Vihar, Delhi,celebrated the national festival like every year. The global pandemic though restricted gatherings but the national fervor knows no boundaries, specially at Arwachin. The 74 th Independence Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm where the school premises was well lit reflecting the tri-colour theme. An online celebration was planned to quench the thirst of the passionate Indians.
An online assembly, activities for every classes were planned. School Director Mr. Anurup Sharma, Principal Dr. Urmila Sharma, H.M., Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma, Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg and School Advisor Mr. S.P. Sharma alongwith some staff members gathered for the flag hoisting ceremony which went live for arwachinites and hence celebration of this national festival was again done together like every other year by the “Arwachin Parivar”.
The world is in war against the COVID-19 and at such crucial times it becomes utmost important to unite and stand tall to any situation. This online celebration itself reflects the patriotism on the part of the school Director Mr. Anurup Sharma and Principal Dr. Urmila Sharma who gave a great message of “Unity is not only strength but a motivation to face any gloomy situation and turn out as sparkling family.”

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