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Clean India Rally (15.01.2020)

Pariksha Pe Charcha By Students(15.01.2020)

SFX Activity in Arwachin School (27.12.2019)

Gaiety Fest 2019-20 (Class - IX to XII) 27.12.2019

Christmas Celebration (Pre School and Pre Primary (24.12.2019)

Class-1 (Santa Claus making activity) and Class-2 Christmas tree making activity) 24.12.2019

Christmas Celebration (24.12.2019)

Sports Achievement Session 2019-20

Cerebrum(PS)-A Cultural Extravaganza-11.12.2019

Maths Fest (02.12.2019-04.12.2019)

Cerebrum(I)-A Cultural Extravaganza-ISA Activity (25.11.19)

Cerebrum(PP)-A Cultural Extravaganza-Graduation Ceremony (23.11.19)

Gaeity Fest 2019-20

Visit to Education Expo- 11.11.2019

Road Safety Awareness Campaign-07.11.2019

Run For Unity - 01.11.2019

Art & Craft Exhibition - 25.10.2019

Diwali Celebrations-25.10.2019

Anti Cracker Drive By Gandhi House - 14.10.2019-25.10.2019

Painting competition(Gandhi & Charkha)-16.10.2019

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