School's Other Activities-2017

MOTHER'S DAY CELEBRATION 2017. (09.05.2017)

The children of the school, Vivek Vihar made their moms feel special, by the Mother's Day Celebration on 9th May 2017 in the school premises, students presented a lovely show dedicated to their mothers encompassing skits, dances and rhymes, to showcase love, respect and gratiotude towards their mothers.
Officaiting H.M. Saumya Anurup Sharma, threw light on the role of the mothers and encourage the students to fulfill their duties towards their mother.

ENGLISH  FEST 2017 (8 MAY - 11 MAY 2017)

English week was observed in the premises of the school. The school echoed with the variety of activities whwre 100% participaion was ensured. The fest aimed to aware the students regarding the importance of English in today's era. Variety of activities showcased by the Arwachinities adorned the atmosphere. Spellathon, Calligraphy and Career Counselling were the main highlights of the fest. 11th May was the concluding day and the closing ceremony grabbed the attention of all skit on ;Environment' by tthe middle classstudents 'She' by senior students, English and French songs added to the charm on the week.



As we all know Diwali festival is approaching. So, Students should know the harmful effects of burning crackers and should celebrate  of rate safe and eco-friendly Diwali. So our school has started an ‘Anti-Cracker Drive’ from 1st oct 16 to 29th oct 16.

Initiative for Anti-Cracker Drive in the form of different activities.

  1. Poem (Eng+Hindi)
  2. Motivational play
  3. Effects with Act
  4. Poetry (English) & puppet show
  5. Double personality act with dance
  6. Nukkad Natak
  7. Skit 

Visit to Publishing House

Date – 27th & 28th sep, 2016

Arwachin School, Vivek Vihar organized an educational visit to S.Chand Publishing  House .This visit created keen interest among the students regarding the publishing of books. A presentation concerned to author, editor etc.

Guru vandana Chatra Abhinandan

Programme organized by

Bharat Vikas Parishad

On 8.9.16

Bharat Vikas Parisad organized a programme to honour teacher and students on 8.9.16 in the school premises. Following teachers and students were awarded with certificate and Trophy-

Principle – Dr. (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma,Officiating Head Mistress – Ms. Saumaya Anurup Sharma, Academic Incharge  - Mr. Jose Jacols along with Mr. Vinod

Kumar Sharma, Ms. Praveen Arora and Ms. Vyomeshwari.

Students who received this award are-

  1. Kartik Sharma XII H
  2. Kavya Saxena XI A
  3. Pulkit Sharma VII A



To make the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, the little toddlers of Arwachin presented a fabulous and outstanding performances, which enthralled everyone. Students were beautifully dressed up in the attire of Radha-Krishna & Gopi-Gopikas. 


CEREBRUM (PPA1, A2)-2016

Arwachin School, Vivek Vihar celebrated successful baby step with an outstanding cultural extravaganza of students of PPA1 and A2 on August 6th 2016. The programme commenced with welcome of guests by tiny tots. School Director Anurup Sharma Principal Dr (Mrs.) Urmila Sharma inaugurated the programmer by lighting the lamp. The event kicked off with a scintillating performances charukic  kids also demonstrated various yogasanas officiating Head Mistress. Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma and Academic Proctor Ms. Prabha Garg applauded the efforts of students and teachers.


Celebration of International  youth day on 12.8.16 cadets participated in painting competition and also took pledge on youth day.

Winners of painting competition are:-


Sr. No Name Class Position


Bharti Pareek




Rishika Jain








Mansi Sharma





Tagore House - Bal Sabha was conducted on the morning of 10.8.16 wherein classes I to XII Tagore House students along with House Teachers were assembled. House Perfects were selected on  it was quite meaningful and interactive.


Talent Hunt Competition was organised for the new members of Arwachin Pariwar. They participated in various activities like singing dancing drawing etc. They showcased their talent and left the audience mesmerized. Principal Dr. Urmila Sharma motivated all the student and awarded two students with cash prize of Rs.101/-  1.Yasraj (IX-G)(Singing)  2. Priyamvad Singh  (IX-H)(Tabla).


The Arwachinians kids honoured the motherhood and the maternal bonds. The celebration was made on the bright morning of 27the April ‘2016. The presence of distinguished ladies of various fields sparkled the event. The crowning welcome was quite unusual and added a damsel look to the beauty of Mrs. Pushplata (Dir. Arwachin, Balbir Ngr), Mrs Poonam Chawla (in teaching profession), Mrs. Aradhna wahi, Mrs. Sunita Saxena (staff secretary, Balbir Ngr). The auspicious lamp lighting ceremony kicked off the series of event included young ones of class I & II performed on eng. Numbers a group song (Tu kitni achchi hai) a skit on a Mother-Daughter relation and bond and a group dance on a medley. To encourage the spirit of the mothers and make the memorable pee-ka-boo with moms was organized, which made the stage seems like fairyland.

The day was then blessed by the esteemed words of Principal Dr (Mrs.)Urmila Sharma who salute the mothers of the world, who bear all the hardships to make their child, the great achievers of the future Ms. Saumya Anurup Sharma, officiating Headmistress appreaciated the zest and zeal of the mothers. Mrs. Prabha Garg, the Academic Proctor inspired the youngsters to take it as a moral duty to respect and love your parents.


A heritage campaign was organised at “Arwachin” On 18th April ’16 ,with a plethora of educational and entertainment based activities to mark heritage day. The campaign began with a special assembly where students were told about the varied facets of heritage which includes forts, dances, palaces etc.

A talk & pledge was initiated by the teachers and students which highlighted that heritage is a treasure trove of the past & it is the responsibility of the present generation to protect, preserve and promote its continuity for future generation.

The students of classes III to IX crafted display charts with the help of their teachers on the architectural legacy of India. School director Mr. Anurup Sharma and Principal Dr. (Mrs) Urmila Sharma, touched the various aspects of students awareness about the diversity, vulnerability and preservance of world’s built monuments and heritage. Academic proctor  Ms. Prabha Garg along with Ms. Saumya A Sharma also motivated the students to spread the awareness among others too. The students were duly amused and curious throughout the campaign!



Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School , Vivek Vihar  Delhi-95 Participated in the largest practical session in IISF at IIT-Delhi. Out of students from class Ix to XII, 50 students have participated in this session and they are going to make a history for the achievement. As 2000 students from all over Delhi (50 students from each school) have done the practical at IIt -Delhi campus all together and they are going to add their name in the Guinnees Book of  world Record.


A mobile App Design   Competition was organized by Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) New Delhi at India Habite Centre Lodhi road -110003 on 6 -Nov,15.  Ankur Nigam class 12  A,  stood 2nd  and got  the prize  15k with certificate. His idea was very much appreciated by the member of Delhi Urban Art Commission. Ms  Sonali  Bhagwati  , Mr  Rajeev Kr  Gaur , Mr. Sameer  Mathur the member of (DUAC) specially  committed  us  that his idea will be implemented in future.  

School Swachchata  Campaign

Cleanliness or Swachehta is a basis human value that has to be inclueated and constantly reinforced among our student so that cleanliness becomes an integral part of our total personality. Keeping it in mind and to promote good health practices, Arwachin school organized “School Swacchchta Campaign “ as per the guidelines given by the CBSE

Following activities are being conducted during this period ,like Nukkad Natak,Poster Making, Slogan/ Eassay Writing, Cleanliness Drive etc.

Swachchta Monitors have been deputed who inpeact  own deputed classes turnwise (According to the House System) and prepare report about the cleanliness of the class/tpilets/ corridor etc. These monitors will be given full credit  for their work in their F.As


School Eco Club organized Anti –Fire  cracker Drive to sensitize Children and staff about the harmfull effect of fire crackers so that they use safer alternatives e.g lights flower etc. to celebrate the festive students prepared  slogans and poster to depict various harmfull effects associated with the noise and Air Pollution generated by the sudden outburst of crackers. They also organized a rally on 7.11.2015 to spread awareness among students.


The birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is being observed as ‘Rashtriya Ekta Diwas’ on 31st oct 2015. A special assembly was organized on this occasion where students took pledge to preserve the unity, integrity and security of the nation. They took out a rally too. Various activites likePoster Making /Paintivites Elocution ,Quiz etc. were also organized on the themes unity & Integrity and safety and security.Students also participated in Expression series organized online by CBSE on 31st October-2015


  1. Ministry of Water Resources Organized 6th Painting Competition. on Water Conservation Competition which was organized for classes 6th to 8th. Best three entries were sent on 28th Oct. 2015 
  2. Students made beautiful paintings on the following themes:-
  • Stop River Pollution
  • Nirmal Nadi
  • Contamination of grand water with arsenic and other contamination issues.


Bharat Vikas Parishad Organized National group song competition on 30th sept 2015 in which our school secured II position and got a chance to participate in the state level competition & school  bagged III position at this level ,following students participated in this level :-

  1. Kartik                 X-C
  2. Nikhil                  X-C
  3. Arsh                     IX-H
  4. Chandar          IX-H
  5. Kartike                IX-G
  6. Siddharth        IX-G
  7. Nikhil Jha           XII –D
  8. Rajat                  IX- G


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